YPI Workshops will help you to master the art and science of soft skills (non-technical skills). Learn to consistently make a positive first impression, establish a meaningful professional rapport with clients and coworkers, become a preferred team member and earn the respect and admiration of others.  Open the pathway to your success with YPI Workshops! 


Available Workshops:

W0101 | Assertiveness and Self-Confidence          

W0102 | 10 Soft Skills You Need                                  

W0103 | Body Language Basics                                  

W0104 | Business Ethics                                                 

W0105 | Interpersonal Skills                                         

W0106 | Social Intelligence                                           

W0107 | Personal Branding                                         

W0108 | Trade Show Staff Training                          

W0109 | Public Speaking                                               

W0110 | Overcoming Sales Objections                    

W0111 | Lean Process and Six Sigma                       

W0112 | Time Management 

W0113 | Budget & Financial Reports

W0114 | Risk Assessment & Management                                      

W0115 | Communication Skills                                   

W0116 | Customer Service

When you attend one of our workshops you will be challenged to elevate your skill sets by opening your mind to vital concepts in leadership, communication, and teamwork.


Our instructors are educators, professionals, entrepreneurs and top sales performers. Our mission is to empower you with information, provide insights, and advice.  We will equip you with the practical tools you need to advance your career.


Develop your non-technical skill sets and become a more insightful and innovative leader. Be a more effective sales person by learning how to build better customer relationships. Manage your staff with confidence, handle conflict and critical situations professionally. 


Elevate your skill sets, build your personal brand 

and optimize your competitive edge 


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