Cultural Competency and Diversity

Cultural Competency and Diversity are critical to creating a work environment that fosters inclusion.  In a diverse society, creating an inclusive workplace is essential for modern organizations of all sizes and cultures.


Diversity training is a core part of ensuring that all employees feel welcome in their respective work environments.  Providing a positive work environment and having employees feel more comfortable sharing their unique insights on the job offers many benefits toward organizational success.


A truly diverse workforce has access to a wide range of perspectives that provides business extra flexibility in the face of social, economic and industry disrupting conditions.



Participants will learn to:

  • Understand the fundamentals of cultural competency and diversity 
  • Effectively work with and serving people from diverse groups
  • Use skills & strategies for dealing with interpersonal conflicts and addressing differences
  • How federal, state, and county laws intersect with organizational policies
  • Remedies Available to Victims of Discrimination and Hate Crimes


This workshop offers you information, tools and techniques needed to develop a working knowledge of cultural competency and diversity.  You will be equipped to effectively navigate the wide array of issues relating to expanding  diversity in the American workplace.


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Cultural Competency

and Diversity

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