Customer Service


Customer service training can offer your organization proven ways to prepare employees for managing several types of challenges when dealing with customers and clients.


Our program will provide your staff with useful techniques enabling them to handle conflict, stay calm and learn to defuse difficult customer situations.  Our instructors will assist them in improving their communication skills, using emotional intelligence to enhance relationships, and taking advantage of their individual talents to serve customers. Mastery of these skills is essential in setting your organization apart from its competitors.



Participants will learn to:


  • Display patience 
  • Focus and be attentive
  • Possess clear communication skills
  • Command relevant knowledge required to render assisstance
  • Use and promote positive language in their communications
  • Demonstrate acting skill
  • Manage time effectively
  • Cultivate the ability to 'read' customers and/or clients effectively
  • Display a calming presence
  • Maintain a goal-oriented focus
  • Perform under pressure
  • Remain persuasive 
  • Exercise persistence and tenacity in their work
  • Successfully Close
  • Exude Empathy
  • Embrace Enthusiasm in Learning

In business, reputation is a make or break factor. Providing excellence in customer service is critical to success.


YPI Workshops offers your organization the opportunity to customize our training programs so your staff will learn specific techniques that can be used to provide truly outstanding customer service, improve their customer relationships, and elevate your brand.


Our interactive training program is especially relevant for salespeople, account managers, customer service representatives and all employees who operate at the front lines of your organization customer relationships.


All participants will be actively engaged in the instruction and interplay of our comprehensive learning process. You can be assured that the skills developed can be put to immediate use.  Your organization’s specific goals, processes, products, services, and methodology will be incorporated.  Our hands-on practice and coaching/feedback will ensure implementation of the skills learned in this training program. 


Elevate your skill sets, build your personal brand 

and optimize your competitive edge 


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Customer Service

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