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Education and training are essential when building your business. Building employee confidence and improving overall efficiency within your organization will accomplish this, but how and where do you start?


Training is Key

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, employers with fewer than 100 employees provided only 0.8 hours – that’s only

12 minutes – of manager training per six-month period.


Organizations with 100-500 employees provided only 0.9 hours

(6 minutes) of training for the same time span. Why is this? The number one reason is cost. Whether it is a small business or a Fortune 500 company, training is looked at as just an expense

with no return on investment. WRONG!


Training is an investment in your employees. The return is better productivity, higher retention rates for top performers, and the creation of a culture of learning.

(Source: Shelly Wallace Johnson)



Why Invest in Your Employees?


Increase Employee Value
Employees with diverse skill sets perform better and fill in easily when others are not available.

Enhance Operational Efficiency
Increase productivity and project completion 
Increase Job Satisfaction Levels
Enhance career pathways for next level promotions
Reduce Employee Turnover
Reducing rehiring costs and increase ROI 



The takeaway is that employees need continuous training, not a one-time class. A person retains information by repetition. The better an employee is trained, the better job he or she will do,

and the higher the bottom line will be for your company.


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