Richard Venezia | General Manager


Rich Venezia is in charge of our organization's day to day operations.  He plays a critical role in strategic planning, partnerships, staff coordination and development.



Rich is a native Long Islander and graduate of Suffolk County Community College where he majored in Business Management  with a minor in Psychology.


Over the course of his 30+ years at W.W. Granger, Rich has been instrumental as a Team Leader with projects ranging from inventory control to branch and warehouse rebuild projects. He has achieved recognition as a Top 10 seller, nationwide for 5 years and has contributed on numerous corporate projects.


In his personal time, Rich has served as a Running Coach for the leukemia and lymphoma society team and has personally raised over $50,000 for the local chapter by running 26+ marathons and 50+ half marathons. He is a published poet, accomplished nature photographer and lyricist/song writer.



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