James Madigan, Workshop Instructor

James Madigan has contributed to the structuring of our Workshops and Training Programs to optimize the learning experience.  He has also played a role in the development of teaching materials. 


James Madigan is an Educator at Boards of Cooperative Educational Services.  As a specialized teaching professional, his philosophy of self-empowerment through education, intersects with the core objectives of our Workshops, Training Programs, and Assessments.


James holds a Bachelor of Science in Music Education from Long Island University at C.W. Post.  He works with students at various stages of skill and proficiency.  A  specialty of his teaching style involves the incorporation of different instructional methods to facilitate learning on an individual basis, allowing each student to capitalize on their strengths and overcome their challenges.  Adhering to his philosophy of teaching for personal empowerment, James has prepared many students for successful auditions, recitals and other performances.


As in music instruction, discipline, practice and workable methodologies are important to obtaining success.  James understands how important these principles are to participants in the Workshops, Training Programs, and Assessments offered by YPI Workshops.  His work has effectively transferred many of those concepts into applicable tools for our upwardly mobile, career advancing clients.


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