Joseph Wint, Ed.D. | Director of Workshop Development, Emeritus

As Director of Workshop Development, Dr. Wint contributed his years of experience at the creation of effective lesson plans to the early planning phases of our instructional program.  He played and integral role in oversight of our initial content and presentation standards. 


Dr. Joseph Wint was born in May Pen, Jamaica. A graduate of Kingston Technical High School, he received his BA in English at The Kings College, his MA in English at New York University, and his doctorate in education at Hofstra University.


Dr. Wint has taught at Cornwall College in Jamaica and several schools in New York State, where he has been cited as an outstanding teacher and educational leader.


As a top scorer on the Series Seven broker's license exam required for working on Wall Street, Dr. Wint has long held a keen understanding of market dynamics and world finance.


As an active member of the Christian communities of both New York and Jamaica, Dr. Wint remains committed to his work in evangelism and currently serves as president emeritus at Midland Bible Institute in May Pen, Jamaica.



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