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You have undoubtedly realized that your success is determined in an exceptionally large part by how well you interact with other people. Your ability to effectively relate, communicate, influence, and motivate others is a crucial skill in succeeding in your profession and creating successful, long-term relationships with customers, prospects, colleagues, subordinates, managers, friends, and family members.


You may have noticed it is extremely easy to get along with certain people. You almost instantly and effortlessly understand the other person. The communication just flows. It is a lot more than just mutual understanding of what is being said. It is as if the person sees you and the rest of the world in very similar terms. When it happens, everything is easier. Think about the last time it happened. Wasn’t it effortless and uncomplicated?


Unfortunately, with most people interactions take more effort. They do not flow as easily. You cannot quite understand where the other person is coming from, what they really want, and their intentions. You may also have an uncomfortable feeling the other person is experiencing the same. You know the outcomes of the interaction are not quite what you want. You are likely to

feel disappointed, frustrated and even tired. It takes energy, effort, and concentration. Still, the results are not what you hoped.


In these situations, you probably feel there is something you could do, but are not quite sure what that is. You know your end goal – your destination – but are not sure how to get there. It is like

being lost without a map. 


YPI Individual Assessments will provide you with the map and directions to more successful interactions with others.


You will learn:


1. The four main human behavioral styles.

2. Who you are and how others perceive you.

3. How to read other people and better understand them.

4. How to adjust your communication style to achieve your goals.


YPI Consultants has several different assessments available.

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A0711 | Candidate Manager Assessment

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