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In these times of technological connectivity, we are impacted by an epidemic of interpersonal disconnection. A career is based on more than technical qualifications, this is why our Workshops address this by sharpening non-technical skills (soft skills) and developing greater social intelligence. True success is rooted in the individual's ability to work well with others.


YPI Workshops are more than a seminar.  Our Workshops go beyond the simple distribution of knowledge and encourage participants to approach career challenges from fresh perspectives.  

YPI is Your Professional Image

YPI Workshops is a division of YPI Consultants, LLC.  Under the leadership of Joann Venezia, our parent organization has worked primarily with corporate clients since its founding in 1999. The core focus of YPI Consultants has been working with Human Resource Managers in developing the individual potential of each of their employees. YPI Consultants has been instrumental in providing packaged assessment and training resources to Penn State University, Margolin, Wiener and Evens, LLP, Northwestern Mutual, Long Island University, MetLife, Remax, and many others.


With nearly a decade of experience, YPI Consultants has developed a solid understanding of what it takes for individuals in the workplace to get noticed, recognized and promoted.  We have insights on exactly what HR managers look for and how best to set your career on the path to success. We have brought this knowledge to our new individual and small business focused services, offered by YPI Workshops.


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