Elevate your non-technical skills (soft skills),

build your personal brand and advance your

career with YPI Workshops. 


Develop essential non-technical skill sets and become a more insightful and innovative leader. Be a more effective sales person by learning how to build better customer relationships. Manage office staff with confidence, handle conflict and critical situations calmly and professionally. 


Our unique approach to workshop learning goes beyond simple distribution of knowledge. Our instructors motivate and foster creative, out-of-the-box thinking!


Why Invest in Workshops, Consulting and Assessments?

  • Increase your value within the organization.
  • Employees with diverse skills perform a variety of tasks easily
  • Enhance career pathways for next-level opportunities
  • Increase your earning potential 

Invest in yourself, make an impact and advance your career. Take the next step and register for YPI Workshops, Consulting and Assessments.



Elevate your skill sets, build your personal brand 

and optimize your competitive edge 


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